1. We are committed to protect and respect the confidentiality of your information. In this Privacy Policy and the use of the cookie (hereinafter - the "Policy") sets the order processing contact information that you provide to us or that we collect about you. 2. We may receive information about you during your use of the following services: our websites, including: and any other Redgames Web sites that published this Policy (hereinafter - the "Websites"); creation and use of your account Redgames on any website (hereinafter - the "account"); Use your game "Chess: Battle online". (- - "Agreement" below) and game rules (the "Rules of the Game"), related to a specific game during your use of the Games you have to abide by the terms of the License Agreement with the End User Your use of our products and services (including support services), to which access can be provided through third-party platforms, web applications, or social networks (together - "Additional Services"). "Services" collectively referred to in this Policy Websites The account, Game and more services. 3. Carefully read this Policy. If you want to create an account on any of our Web sites or in one of our games, you need to accept the Agreement and the terms of this Policy. By accepting the terms of this Policy, you confirm your consent to the collection and processing of certain information about you for the purposes specified in this policy, and in accordance with it. 2. About Us We respect your right to privacy of your data and will process such data and other information provided by you or collected about you, only in accordance with this Policy and applicable law. 3. Information about you that we may collect You authorize us in the course of using the Services you receive from your data in the following categories: When creating your account, you authorize us to receive and process the following data about the account: Your e-mail address, an identifier in social networks or gaming services, lodging, country, age and gender. In the course of your use of the Services, you authorize us to receive and process the following data tracking: 1. Information about your use of our Services, including, without limitation, information about the time and manner of use of the Services, the data stream and records the screen elements that you press the mouse button while using our Services (the so-called "history visits"). 2. Log files (logs) and statistics on the activities on our web site and in the Games. 3. Technical information about the devices and operating systems that you use in the course of visits to the website or the use of games, namely, information about the means of controlling access to the storage medium (Media Access Control, MAC), device identifier (Unique Device Identifier, UDID) similar device IDs, your IP-address and information about your browser. we use cookies that are stored in the user's system (cookie files) to receive and process tracking data. Their function and use embodiments discussed in detail in section 5 below. When you use the Services, you authorize us to receive and process the following data about the information materials: Information that you post while using our services. The information transmitted by using the "game chat" of the Games. The information you provide to us when you send a request for information or support, or when purchasing our products or services, including the information needed to process orders that you place in the trade and payment organizations, including the amount of the transaction, but excluding your financial information, which is transmitted directly only trade and payment organizations secure data transfer protocol. No personally identifiable information except for account data that you provide to us while participating in contests, sweepstakes, contests, tournaments, promotions and other marketing survey. 4. The information we do not collect Financial information provided by you when making payments for any services, such as credit card number, bank serving you is collected and processed corresponding payment companies. We do not receive such financial information about you. We do not solicit or collect any personal information about you or any third parties, copies of identity documents and identification number, and you agree not to provide us with such data and do not put it on their Web sites. Any personal information you provide to unilaterally will be removed from our resources automatically. We do not produce storage, processing and transmission of your personal data. 5. cookie files 1. The website uses cookie files and similar data gathering tracking technology to identify users. These technologies help us to provide a hassle-free access to the Web sites and use of the Services. 2. File cookie - a small file consisting of letters and numbers, which is a Web site stores on your computer or device when you visit a website. You can opt out of any cookie. It is believed that you have consented to the use of the cookie, if at the relevant time of their appointment allowed settings / configuration of your browser. If you refuse, we keep only one permanent "normative» cookie file that tells us that you give up the use of any other cookie files. For more information about cookie files recommend visiting the website. 3. On the Web site uses the cookie category, discussed below. Their description will help you understand if you want to communicate with our Web sites and other online services and in what way. Mandatory cookie files A cookie in this category are required in order to enable you to navigate through the various sections of the website and use certain features. Without binding the cookie, you will not be able to take advantage of online services provided on the website. Therefore, you can not abandon the use of this category of the cookie. In addition, the encryption language Web sites use session cookie. They are deleted every time you close your browser. These cookie files do not retain any information about the visitor after the browser is closed. Technical cookie files Our technical cookie files remain anonymous information about how you use the Web sites and their features. For example, our technical cookie files to collect information about your most visited pages of Web sites viewed advertisements or ads, to which you are working on a website or other websites on which we place advertisements, as well as information about how to obtain you error messages. Analytical cookie files On our Web sites may be used, Google Analytics - analytical web service provided by Google, Inc. (Hereinafter - «Google»). Google Analytics uses «cookie files", which are text files placed on your computer and help us to analyze trends in the use of Web sites users. Information about your use of the Websites (including your the IP-address) is saved in a cookie, is transferred and stored by Google on servers in the United States, and by taking this policy, you consent to such storage. In the case of connectivity features hidden Google IP-addresses of cuts / anonymizes the last octet of the IP-addresses for the member countries of the European Union and other parties to the Agreement on the establishment of the European Economic Area. Full IP-addresses, which are then reduced on Google's servers in the US, we ship only in exceptional cases. Google our name uses this information to assess your use of the nature of Web sites, is for us reports on user activity on websites and provides other services related to the analysis of site activity and internet usage. Google does not tie your IP-address to any other data stored by Google. In addition, you can prevent the collection and use of data by Google (cookie files and IP-addresses) by downloading and installing the browser extension with page. Further information can be found onУсловия Service and Privacy Policy Google Analytics page). Web sites may use other similar analytical cookie file including the "Yandeks.Metrika" services. These cookie files are used to obtain information about the use of the website users. The information is collected anonymously and is used to compile reports about the number of visitors to the Web sites, their location, as well as visited their pages. Functional cookie files Functional cookie files are used to store your preferences (eg, preferred language, country or other online settings) and the collection of anonymous information. 6. How to use your contact information We may use the information you provide or we collect about you for the following purposes: 1. Provision of services. We may collect and process information about the account, data tracking, and data on the information materials in order to provide the Services you are interested in you and follow-up agreements. Data collected for these purposes will be stored for a period of providing the requested services in accordance with applicable law. 2. You authorize us to process all the data for the detection, investigation and prevention of illegal actions or actions that violate the Terms of Agreement or offline, as well as actions that violate the provisions of the Agreement or the Game for any Games. The shelf life of such data - six months from the date of closing the account, unless a longer period is provided by applicable law. Additional marketing and promotional materials, the creation of user profiles: In accordance with applicable law, we may use your email address to provide you with information about our products and services, as well as products and services similar to those services that you request from us, except when you refuse from receiving the said information, . Abandon the use of your email address for such purposes can be like when you create an account, or at any time thereafter in the following ways: by sending an email to the email address that is registered on your account, at asking them not to send the information. We may use tracking data to monitor, improve or correct the Service Quality and the principles of our work. We can create a "personal profile" by linking data on your account to tracking data to improve or correct the quality of services and the principles of our work, as well as in their own promotional purposes - for advertising and market research. 7. The transfer of your information to others 1. We do not share your data to other persons, except in a few cases: if we are required to transmit information in accordance with applicable law, the requirements of the state or law enforcement officials or to prevent crime; if it is necessary for the implementation of the Rules of the forum, the Agreement or the rights of any Games, provide services that you request from us, the security of our users and third parties, to protect our rights and property, and the rights and property of other users and third parties or otherwise, if we have reasonable grounds to believe that disclosure is necessary in accordance with the law; if it is necessary to provide you with the Services that you request from us, you agree that we may transfer your data and information about you between our companies, referred to in section 2 above, and / or third parties who provide services to us, including to provide you the ability to pay for services. 2. You agree that in the above cases, your data and information about you may also be transmitted to the countries which are not parties to the Convention on the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data of 28 January 1981 3. We are entitled to anonymous information (ie information that does not identify you directly or indirectly) and generalized information (that is, information about groups and categories of users, including statistics and game action, which does not point to a person and can not be used to establish the individual user) to our advertising partners. We can also allow our advertisers to collect anonymous and generalized information as part of the provision of the Services, and they can then pass this information to us. Our advertisers may collect information using tracking technologies (eg, cookie and web beacon files). These technologies allow our advertisers to develop and publish targeted advertisements in the Services and on the websites of third parties, as well as provide you with advertising products and services that may interest you. Advertisers also use this information to monitor, improve or correct their work. 9. Security 1. We take all necessary precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your data. Our employees, contractors and authorized persons can access the data received from you and information about you, but their use is limited to the terms of the functions performed by them in connection with providing you the possibility to use the Services. Our employees, contractors and authorized persons who have access to your data and information about you are obliged to ensure their confidentiality. They are also prohibited to use them for any purpose other than those listed above, or in connection with the processing of your requests. 2. We accept the necessary technical, administrative measures and physical security measures to protect your data. 10. Websites of third parties Services may include links to other websites and services provided by third parties, including retailers, in favor of which you make payment. Please note that the terms of this policy applies only to your data and information about you that we receive through the Services, and we are not responsible for any data that third parties may collect, store and use through their web sites or as part of their services. You need to carefully read the privacy policies of each website that you visit. 11. Your rights In addition to the right of refusal laid down in Section 5.2, you are entitled at any time to realize the following rights in relation to those of your data that can be recognized as personal data in accordance with applicable law, in particular: You may contact us with a request to provide you with copies available to us your personal data or information on the procedure of their processing. You may contact us with a request to update and correct any information we hold your personal data if they are inaccurate or outdated; You may withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data. In this case, we may lose the opportunity to provide you with services. If you want to implement any of these rights, please contact us at If you ask us to remove your personal data, we can save a backup copy of them, according to the legislation. 12. Changes to this Policy We may periodically for various reasons to make changes to this Policy, for example to reflect changes in legislation and regulations, industry guidelines and technical developments. If you have a registered account by, we will notify you of any changes to this Policy by e-mail by sending a letter to the email address tied to your account. The current version of this Policy is published on the website. All new versions of this Policy shall enter into force (i) immediately upon your receipt of the notice by e-mail, if this Policy changes associated with minor changes, which do not limit your rights;